Join the Telegram Action Group

What is Telegram?
Telegram is a messaging app that is very similar in appearance and functionality to WhatsApp – however, with additional features (including the ability to participate anonymously) that makes it a suitable platform for pulling together Production Management staff and freelancers that want to help  Production is Broken move things forward in improving the issues that have been raised within the department.

What are the benefits versus using traditional Facebook or WhatsApp groups?

  • Participation can be anonymous (we know from the results of the survey that people are often worried about getting involved because they feel it may damage future job prospects)
  • You can view previous conversation from before you joined the group, so you can catch up on chat so far
  • You will receive updates on campaigning that isn’t shared on the more ‘public-facing’ Instagram account or website
  • You will be a valuable voice in shaping the next steps we take, and ensuring they’re taken effectively

What is the purpose of the Telegram Action Group?
We need the help of our Production Management colleagues to help us be able to lobby broadcasters, production companies and industry organisations for change. This might be as simple as sharing relevant contacts you may have, or getting more involved by offering feedback on the direction of upcoming campaigning.

Production is Broken is run by a small team of PM freelancers who, like everyone, are juggling busy shoots, family lives and squeezing in some time for ourselves too! We need this Action Group to help us keep momentum up and to consult on the actions we take as a group.

Do I have to stay anonymous?
No, it’s completely optional – feel free to use your own name if you’d prefer.

If I do want to remain anonymous, what settings do I need to apply?
When registering for Telegram, don’t allow the app permission to sync with your phone’s contacts. You may also want to change the following in the app’s Settings:

  • Edit your name and username
  • Go in to Privacy and Security and under Phone Number change the setting that says “Who can see my phone number?” to Nobody

Are there any rules I should know about?
Not really, the chat groups aren’t moderated – we’re all adults, so we trust everyone to play nice. The only rule is to keep discussion loosely fixed to Production is Broken topics – it isn’t a group to advertise or look for jobs. It also is a group that requires active involvement, any members that aren’t participating are automatically removed after 60 days.

Downloading Telegram

You can access Telegram using the iOS or Android apps, downloading the Windows or Mac app or from the desktop web version here.

Request an invite

Pop your Telegram username in the box below and one of our team will add you to the Action Group .

To ensure that only Production Management colleagues are joining the group, we need to verify each member to ensure it remains a safe space for open discussion.

The information below won’t be shared with anyone else. It’s for verification purposes only and once added to the group you will be identifiable to others by your username only.

To receive an invite to the Telegram Action Group within 24 hours via the Telegram app. You can find your username in the app by tapping on your Settings.
Please provide a link to your Talent Manager / LinkedIn / IMDb or relevant industry profile, to verify you are a Production Management worker in the UK