Response: Nutopia, Emporium, Wall to Wall & others

Although these indies all provided statements deferring to Pact, we're sharing them with you for transparency.

About the companies

  • Nutopia are a production company focusing on factual and documentary programming. Notable productions include “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” and “One Strange Rock”
  • Air TV are a production company specialising in factual programming. Notable productions include: “Bangers and Cash”; “Helicopter ER” and “Derelict Rescue”
  • Emporium Productions are a production company specialising in factual entertainment programming. Notable productions include: “Rich House Poor House”; “Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons” and “Secrets of Your Supermarket Food”
  • Wall to Wall and Twenty Twenty are two production companies owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. They produce entertainment and factual programming. Notable productions include: “Who Do You Think You Are?”; “Long Lost Families”; “First Dates”; “Glow Up”
  • Phoenix Television are a factual focused production company. Notable productions include: “Underground Worlds”; “When Missing Turns to Murder” and “Royal Autopsy”


What are their responses?

"We are well aware of the issues affecting production management and, as a responsible production company, are dealing with these internally, and through our trade body representative, PACT."

“As you may know Air TV is a member of PACT, the trade body for independent producers, and we’ll be engaging with you on this via PACT in due course.”

“I understand that Pact has been in contact with Production Is Broken. Emporium Productions will engage on this matter through our trade body Pact.”

““Wall to Wall and Twenty Twenty are happy to engage with Production is Broken to address the issues raised in the report but feel this is best done via PACT who we understand have been in contact.”

“Thanks so much for reaching out to us. As a member of PACT, we plan to engage on this matter through our trade body.”

PiB commentary

We respect the choice of these companies to defer to their trade body Pact, and hope they will encourage Pact to give the issues raised by “The Report”, due attention.

We will review progress achieved from industry approaches to Pact in the months ahead, and will endeavour to update member production companies, if progress has stalled, to encourage renewed focus.

Please refer to our statement here for more on our response to Pact’s position.

Update Log
  • 06/03/23 – Tagged as “Deferred to Pact”

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