Response: STV Studios (Updated)

Recognising the need for further collaboration, STV Studios outline their response to The Report

About STV Studios

STV Studios is a Glasgow-based production company with a long history of producing award-winning programming across a range of genres, including drama, factual, entertainment, and children’s programming.

Notable productions: “Catchphrase”, “Bridge of Lies”, “Murder Island”

What is STV Studios' response?

"We seek to provide everyone working on an STV Studios’ production with a safe, inclusive and mentally healthy working environment where their contribution is recognised and fairly rewarded.

The areas covered by this report require a collaborative approach from stakeholders across the industry. Having discussed the report internally, we concluded that meaningful industry wide engagement will best be secured by ‘Production is Broken’ engaging directly with our trade body, PACT.

As PACT represent the majority of UK producers and negotiate with a number of industry organisations (including broadcasters and unions) on producers’ behalf, they are well placed to appraise the matters raised and work with producers to implement changes where required."

PiB commentary

31st March 2023:
We respect STV Studios’ choice to defer to their trade body Pact, and hope they will encourage Pact to give the issues raised by “The Report”, due attention.

We will review progress achieved from industry approaches to Pact in the months ahead, and will endeavour to update member production companies, if progress has stalled, to encourage renewed focus.

Please refer to our statement here for more on our response to Pact’s position.

1st April 2023:
Yesterday we shared with you the response from STV Studios to PiB’s report.

We’ve always put transparency first with Production is Broken, so with that in mind we want to share that we’ve since been sent worrying reports from multiple users of incidents regarding freelancer welfare occurring on STV Studios productions.

We of course appreciate what STV Studios have said in their statement and reiterate the need for significant change across the industry with regards to Production Management welfare. We also want to clarify that our posting of an organisation’s response should not be perceived as PiB providing an endorsement of them and we can’t speak for any individual experiences.

We encourage any freelancers that feel comfortable to do so, to discuss any negative experiences in confidence with Unscripted Bectu and our friends at the Film & TV Charity.

Update Log
  • 06/03/23 – Tagged as “Deferred to Pact”
  • 02/04/23 – Updated response from PiB

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