Post a copy to someone

You can now order a copy of the report to be posted

We asked followers of Production is Broken what would be the most effective way to get copies of The Report in the hands of those who can help encourage positive change for Production Management working in the industry.

71% of you suggested sending the report by post, however as Production is Broken is formed of freelancers with no financial backing, there are costs attached to the production and dispatch of printed reports, which we are unable to cover independently.

As Production is Broken is a non-profit industry action group and receives no funding other than the money we donate ourselves, there is a cost attached to the production and distribution of the physical reports. In order to be fully transparent about the costs, we’ve broken those down on the order page.

We have covered the upfront cost of the first 100 copies, which are available to order now. Depending on demand, we will place orders for of additional copies.